Shelby Art


Kathleen, GA


My art is a result of my passion for erotic art, and an intimate collaboration between the model and myself. I constantly attempt to capture the mood and essence of the model as she shares her naked beauty with me.

I started my career as a technical artist and was quite passionate about my work. However, technical art is a far cry from painting nudes.

I worked days as a technical artist, and attended night classes for air brush and design at Los Angeles Art Center. I accidentally stumbled into a nude drawing class and was instantly mesmerized. It fired my passion for sketching, painting and photographing the nude female.

The perfect design, exquisite form, and subtle beauty found in the nude woman, has excited and fascinated me ever since my accidental introduction at the Art Center.

Over the years I have dabbled with water colors, acrylics and oil painting, as well as sketching with pencil and charcoal. Now I occaisionally paint with oils, but my passion for creating nude art, is satisfied through sketching, pastel painting and digital art.


Naked Billiards 2 by Shelby


Innocent 2 by Shelby


Tantalizing by Shelby


Black Lace on Soft Flesh by Shelby


Intoxicating Invitation, Pencil by Shelby


Sex Slave by Shelby


Naughty by Shelby


Sexy on the Sofa by Shelby


Fun in the Sun by Shelby


Bare Bottom by Shelby


Affair on the Stair by Shelby


Afternoon Delight by Shelby


Bottoms Up by Shelby


Sweet Surrender by Shelby


Delighted to Bare All by Shelby


Naked in Paradise by Shelby


Sexy Reflection Up Close by Shelby


Sexy Reflection by Shelby


Aroused I by Shelby


A Summer Delight by Shelby


Posing Nude by Shelby


Soft touch by Shelby


Eyes of seduction by Shelby


Sexy Invitation by Shelby


Naked Italy by Shelby


Naked Surprise by Shelby


Relaxing Naked by Shelby


Sheer Elegance by Shelby


Black Lace by Shelby


Chains Flesh Lust I by Shelby


Temple of Lust by Shelby


Lovely Presentation by Shelby


Dressed to Thrill 2 by Shelby


Flasher by Shelby


Carnal Desire by Shelby


Passion in Paradise by Shelby Art


Hot Italian Sun by Shelby


The Offering by Shelby Art


Delightfully Decadent by Shelby


Naked Billiards by Shelby


Minimal Coverage by Shelby


Happy Birthday by Shelby


Sheer Delight by Shelby


Anticipation by Shelby


Golden Opportunity by Shelby


Caress by Shelby


Tempting by Shelby


A Pirates Booty by Shelby